Pins and Pinboards, Pinterest does it work?

As a marketer or online business entrepreneur it is sometimes necessary to use social platforms to promote your work and get referral traffic to your sales page or website. Of the social platforms available today the main four are Googleplus, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Others are usable and can deliver great results and I have work with quite a few but for me these four are where the main traffic can be made. For this post we will discuss the advantages of Pinterest and does it work.

Pinterest what is it all about?


Pinterest is a social visual platform and is used by pinning images from websites or personal computers of items that users wish to share or store in Pinboards for future reference. For example you can create a board of your favourite clothing websites and save a Pin or image from each one so you can find them easily later on.

As another form of social bookmarking Pinterest has grown from strength to strength from launch in March 2010 when users could only join by invitation. As of March 2012 two years later it was the third largest social website behind Facebook and Twitter a remarkable feat.

Pinterest does it work


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