Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review

Review of: Wealthy Affilate

Use: Online Marketing and Business Course


Learn to build your websites and promote products


For what you get very reasonably priced


Post a ticket and get a response quickly

Ease of Use

A lot to learn which takes time but training good

What We Like

 🙂 Large community for help

🙂 Your own Blog

🙂 FREE website hosting

🙂 No upsells

🙂 Step by step training

What we don’t like


😥 So many updates easy to get distracted

Summary: For me Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training platform for Internet Marketing. Not only can you host your websites but you can train on all aspects online like, affiliating, social, PPC, eBay, e-commerce and many more. This is why I have put this review together to let you know all about the platform so you too can get an online revenue stream.

I’m glad you found this page, you are going to learn about a unique Internet Marketing platform that has all the bells and whistles without taking you for every penny you have. “Yea right”, I hear you cry at the screen, “been there done that”, well so have I.

I too have signed up to schemes promising me that I would make a thousand dollars a day or I would have a new Ferrari outside my door in six months time.

Have you seen this type of thing showing you a image of a bogus Paypal account or Clickbank account with revenue into the hundreds or thousands per day. 


You read on and think its all too good to be true or is it, so you sign up. Then you find the sign up fee of $20-30 was only to get you in the door there is another fee to take you to the next level and on it goes till you are broke and annoyed for signing up.

Oh yea they offered a sixty days money back no questions asked. However when you tried to get your money back you found that you sent email after another trying to get someone to answer or help you out. If you are lucky you got something back but rest assured it doesn’t happen often. (more…)

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